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Golden Years' Very Own Missionary

February 22, 2021
We are truly blessed to have Marcia at Golden Years.

Every resident that enters Golden Years has a story. Some stories are kept quiet and some are shared. Once in a while someone comes along that has led such an incredible journey that their story is already out there for everyone, Marcia Anderson is that someone. Marcia began her studies at the age of 47 and has since received the degree of Master of Theology in Old Testament and Semitic Languages. She states that she isn't sure that she was "called" to be a missionary, God just made her one. Marcia continues to touch lives everyday.

A Message from Marcia:
"At the college in Kenya, East Africa, where I taught, my colleague always reminded me, “Old is gold!” and here I am--a bit of gold at Golden Years in Hamilton! I don’t suppose any of us thought we would end up here!

From my origins in South Dakota, I traveled the world with my United Nations expert husband. My second career involved pastoring and teaching in seminaries and Bible Schools from Singapore and the Philippines to Kenya in East Africa. I love teaching Bible, especially the Old Testament, and incidentally, continue to teach a Zoom class from my room here at Golden Years!

I’ve written five books: Carefrontation: Dare to Face Goliath, Care Enough to Confront; Tea Without Sugar; The Shepherd’s Network; The Finger of God in the Muslim World; and a Commentary on 1 Samuel soon to be published by Brill Publishers in England. If you’d like to get a copy of The Finger of God it is an autobiography of Arlene Miller, a fellow missionary, who lived in Meadowbrook Care Center of Cincinnati for 9 years after breaking her neck. It is available from Amazon.Com in either paperback or kindle."

At Golden Years we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such incredible people. Marcia is truly "a bit of gold at Golden Years."  It is so special getting to hear about the lives of our residents, from the highs to the lows, and all of the stories in between. The time our residents spend at our facility is just one story in their life journey and we work every day to ensure that it is a positive one. Click the button to read more from our residents and their families about the experiences they have at Golden Years.

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